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Das sagen meine Klienten

Methods i work with..

The 1: 1 coaching is very specificly designed on your own individual  topics and needs.  

Healing and mindful guided meditations channeled for your own specific needs 

Heealing and connecting breathwork for a deeper connection to your body and emotions.

Practices from Tao and Tantra to heal and awaken your feminine. 

Healing and releasing your inner feminie wounds.

A mix of Shamanic Healing, Chakrahealing and Balancing to remove and  release he blockages on a deeper level

About me...

My name is Ekaterina.

For many years i was struggeling with my feminine body and many different health issues especially of my pelvic floor and mental health. I was looking for help and trying to fix it in a way of normal medical way. Soon i realized it was not enough to do so. I felt deep inside me, that the cause went much more deeper that the physical issues.

I realized, that most of the femine health issues especially around pelvic floor health i was struggeling with are coming from a deeper space of my femine nature which i was disconnected from and srtuggeling with for so many years. I started to learn more about it. 

I was learning about the feminine body, heal and connecting to my womb and pelvic floor space. This brought be back to myself – a journey back home.

To be honest, it was a deep dive and not not always easy, but it was worth it to go throzugh this transformational journey of healing and recovering my wombwisdom and the power of healing and reconnecting to my womb as woman.

Since i feel my body and womb i also feel more grounded and safe and realize that our wombspace is our home and the safety which we are all coming from. In order to feel safe in grounded in life and to be able to navigate from a deeper space of the deep inner knowing we need to connect to our intuition, our spirit and our inner feminine power which is our womb space. 

This is where the magic of creatin happens.

Our womspace is the space of creativity, vitality, inner beauty and bliss and also the pleasure – which is our birthright as woman!When you allow yourself to heal and to reconnect to your womb space you wwill feel that the life force energy (sexual energy), which is the energy of creation can flow more freely through your body and everything becomes more easy in life. This is where the magic of feminine leadership happens!

Are you ready to release of your old  stories, heal your deeper feminine wonds and connect to your womb and the power of creation for your feminine leadership?

I am here for you to support you on your individual healing, awakening and rising journey!

 full of feminine wisdom, and it is the space where the life force energy is flowing through which you can use to create and give birth to life. Wether a child or a project which is also a part of your feminine creation.

the womb and healith the feminine.


 and could´t find any help until i decided to take my own responsibility to heal my physical and emotioal body and to reconnect to my pelvic floor and feminine body again.

I started to study health management at the university to dive to dive deeper into the physical health. After a while i started to understad that we are so much more than a body and after a  womb again. 

ravelling around the world, healing and reconnecting to my iner feminine.








Was du erwarten kannst, wenn du mit mir zusammenarbeitest...

Häufige Fragen

Jede 1:1 Coaching Session ist auf die Person und ihre eigenen individuellen  Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten.

Es ist ein Mix aus Gesprächen,  Meditation, Körperübungen, Atemtechniken, Heilarbeit und wenn ich direkt vor Ort bin, auch Heilmassage und-/oder bewusste heilende Berührung.

Ich gehe auf dich jede Stunde individuell ein, hole dich da ab wo du gerade stehst.

Wir machen (online) Live-Sessions. Dabei bekommst du auch Hausaufgaben, in Form von Übungen, die du im Alltag in die Praxis umsetzten darfst.

Um das gelernte der Live-Sessions zu vertiefen und deine eigenen Erfahrungen zu machen.
Um eine nachhaltige Transformation zu bewirken. Und um zu lernen, für dich selber Verantwortung zu übernehmen.

Weil jede Frau/Mensch eigene Erfahrungen und Bedürfnisse hat auf die ich persönlich und individuell eingehen werde.

Was passiert, wenn du dich für eine Beratung einträgst?

Da alle meine Coachings persönlich (1:1) mit mir sind, kann ich nur eine begrenzte Anzahl an Kundinnen aufnehmen. 
Und da die Plätze immer sehr begehrt sind und ich nur mit Menschen zusammenarbeite, wo es von der Persönlichkeit und Motivation her passt, bitte ich dich, dich zu bewerben.
Nachdem du auf den Button geklickt hast und mir deine Daten zugesendet hast, werde ich sie persönlich prüfen.
Anschließend werde ich mich telefonisch bei dir melden und einen Termin für ein unverbindliches Beratungsgespräch mit dir vereinbaren.
Deine Daten werden nur genutzt, um dich zu kontaktieren und danach wieder gelöscht.

Ich freue mich auf deine Bewerbung und darauf dich persönlich kennen zu lernen, my Love!